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Reconstruct Helped OAC Services Save $30,000 on a Single Excavation Project

The Problem

OAC Services (OAC) was building a large office campus in Silicon Valley for a top technology company.

The process of quantifying the soil excavated and hauled away from the site was antiquated, inaccurate, time-consuming and labor-intensive. The cost of exporting dirt from the site was roughly $90/ cubic yard. If not quantified and verified carefully, the cost could result in a bloated bill.

The old-fashioned way of quantifying soil removal was through loading the dirt into trucks, using individual tickets per truck to determine the load, and trusting the vendor.  The vendor was relying on rough estimates of volumes, which concerned OAC. OAC could hire a third-party survey crew to quantify and validate the amount of soil removal, but this option would be very costly with more overhead, time, and another contractor’s bill.

Check that Payment App

When OAC received the bill for the soil removal, they knew they needed a way to confirm it's accuracy.

Team Capacity

OAC was concerned with the accuracy of estimates, but they didn't want the extra cost of hiring an additional survey crew to review dirt volumes.

The Solution

OAC used Reconstruct to harness the data that was already being captured weekly through photogrammetry.

OAC used Reconstruct with drones and 360 cameras to monitor progress of the project’s exterior. In addition, Reconstruct performed automated volumetric measurements for earthwork with no additional effort. OAC then utilized the drone and 360 camera imagery to generate point clouds in Reconstruct to precisely measure cubic yards of soil removed, and automatically track excavation progress over time. This included accurate quantification of the work completed and exact location coordinates.

When OAC received the bill for the soil removal, OAC compared the vendor’s estimates with Reconstruct’s data. The rough estimates were inaccurate, and the bill had been overpriced by $30,000.

“It only took a month to get our first 75 projects up and running with our new process. Reconstruct made it easy to get a capture bundle out to all project sites. We were able to spend less time in conversation about the projects and more time looking at the progress. We cut down time spent on the phone with GCs 75%. The feeling of being on top of things came on strong.“

The Results

Monica’s team saved both time and money with their use of Reconstruct.


“At first, we knew we were saving time on understanding progress. It turns out it was really adding up - for us and for our GCs. We were both saving several hours a week (per project) on progress reports. At the end of the year, we calculate we saved close to 11,000 hours on producing and reviewing progress reports, and we were able to understand site conditions and reach conclusions in half the time.”


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