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STRUCTR Advisors uses Reconstruct for Full Project Visibility to Avoid a $17,000 Concrete Rework

Independent real estate construction firm, STRUCTR Advisors, used Reconstruct to identify a misplacement of sleeves prior to a large concrete pour for a structural slab. Realizing the error, they were able to make the necessary changes prior to concrete, preventing at least $17,000 in rework and multi-day delay in schedule.

The Problem

STRUCTR Advisors’ crew were hard at work developing Virginia Commonwealth University’s newest STEM building. Prior to using Reconstruct, the team relied on drone footage and photography for mapping their construction sites. This method, while cheap to implement, was costly when mistakes arose, as visibility for potential errors was low. They knew they needed to use all the tools on their belt for this particular project to keep it moving.


The Solution:

As the team was preparing to lay structural concrete, they decided to take a scan of the space using Reconstruct. Using their already owned drone, they were able to capture where the rebar layouts and sleeve MAP penetrations were for the slab. Taking that reality and overlaying it with the 3D point cloud that's generated from the photo, they realized that the sleeves did not match up to the plan, which momentarily halted further work in that area.

“We’ve been using drones for many years, but now with Reconstruct we can go beyond video and photos and really dig into the details of the project from a quality control and production perspective.”
- Kyle Jacocks, Virtual Construction Manager at STRUCTR Advisors

The Results

This realization gave the team an opportunity to reassess. They were able to speak with the field team and come up with a proactive solution prior to pouring of the concrete. The misplaced sleeves were reset, allowing overlays to match up. The team was able to proceed with concrete pouring knowing there wouldn’t need to be rework, which would have been incredibly costly, resulting in a $17,000 fee and hours of rework costs, setting the project behind time. All of this was avoided due to one Reconstruct capture.


"This is a great example of how we’re able to leverage this technology to do a quick scan of a slab to give the team time to react and correct the deviations and get everything in the right spot before the team poured concrete. It saved a lot of time, money, and potential quality issues with having to core drill the slab after the fact.” - Kyle Jacocks, Virtual Construction Manager at STRUCTR Advisors


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